Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Enchanted Valentine's Gift from the Seal Island Selkies


On Friday, I typed the last word of The Selkie Sorceress! I'm so excited about Sam and Glenna's story, and I can't wait to share it with everyone. The romance is sizzling, the magic is over-the-top, and the mystery includes plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat! All the main characters from the first two books are back: Tara, Dominic, Caitlin, Liam, Kelsey and Owen. Even Nuala may return with a part to play.

And then there's Moira, the ultimate villain... I have to admit, her character was a lot of fun to write! But no one was more fun to write than Sam. From the moment Sam stepped onto the page in The Selkie Spell (Book 1) , I fell in love with him. He's become my absolute favorite character in the Seal Island Trilogy and I am SO happy to finally share his happily-ever-after with you!

It's a bittersweet feeling to end a trilogy, and I've gotten a lot of questions from readers asking if the series will continue. I originally planned it as a trilogy and there are no cliffhangers at the end of this story: everything is wrapped up in a neat and tidy bow. But I *might* have planted a teeny tiny seed of an idea for a fourth book in the plot of this story. You'll know it when you see it. :)

I will most likely take a small break from this series to explore a few other ideas that are brewing, but I would love to continue it someday. I would even love to write Kelsey's and Owen's stories! But whatever I write after this, it will definitely be magical and romantic, and I'll probably find a way to weave in some enchanted roses.

As for a release date for The Selkie Sorceress, I'm still not quite ready to announce. I have a few more weeks of editing to do, and then I'll send a draft to my beta readers. As soon as I hear back from them, I'll announce a date. But it will be soon... really, really, soon!!

In the meantime, to celebrate typing "THE END," and in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm offering BOTH The Selkie Spell (Book 1) and The Selkie Enchantress (Book 2) for sale at 99 CENTS from Sun, Feb 10 - Sat, Feb 16! I hope everyone has an enchanted Valentine's Day filled with romance and roses. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Magic of Imbolc


The ancient Celts celebrated the first day of spring on February 1st. The Irish climate is milder than ours and around this time the earth begins to thaw, hardy plants send up their first tentative shoots, more birds are singing, and pregnant sheep start to lactate.

We may not be able to see many of these first signs of spring, but we can feel a stirring of seeds deep in the soil and an awakening in our spirits as the days grow longer and brighter. Imbolc is the halfway point between winter and spring. It represents the turning of nature's clock from the dark, frozen days of winter to the lighter, airy days of spring.

Also known as Brigid's Day, Imbolc is devoted to both the ancient fiery goddess Brigid and Saint Brigid of Kildare. Some believe these are actually the same person, and the latter is a Christianized version of the goddess adopted by the church in the sixth century, but both are revered for their healing miracles and eternal, sacred fires.


I've been reading a lot about Imbolc lately as it plays a part in my next Seal Island story. In The Selkie Sorceress, both Glenna and Moira have the ability to wield fire, but while Glenna uses her magic to protect the ones she loves, Moira uses hers only to destroy. The color of their enchanted roses reflects this theme--Glenna's are orange, Moira's are black.

I am VERY close to finishing The Selkie Sorceress, and tentatively plan to release it in March, but I'll announce a firm date in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I've created a board of magical images for the story on Pinterest that offers a few hints into the storyline and some beautiful images for Imbolc. :)


There are many ways to celebrate Imbolc. You can do a bit of spring cleaning in your home, light a sage stick to cleanse a favorite room, build a fire in Brigid's honor, or light a candle and give thanks for the gifts of winter. I am celebrating Imbolc by stepping out of my writing cave for a few days and reconnecting with all of my wonderful online friends. I have been very quiet these past few months while writing this story, but I can't wait to hear what everyone's up to!

What will you do to celebrate Imbolc? Are you ready to chip away at the ice of winter and welcome in a renewed sense of energy, or do you still need a few more weeks of rest before you're ready to come out of hibernation?