Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Magic of Mother Earth

Every day Mother Earth presents us with a new gift. The daffodils, those first heralding trumpets of spring, have made way for the pansies, hyacinths, snapdragons and irises. As each flower makes its glorious debut another is waiting backstage for its moment. Soon the crepe mytles will bloom and the marigolds will spread their happy golden petals around the tomato plants. But, today, we welcome the roses. The most glorious gift of spring.  

I've always been drawn to roses and the incredible healing power of simply stepping outside and inhaling their sweet scent. They say nature is the great healer, and that's why I set my stories on remote Irish islands where the only sounds are the sea crashing against the rocks, the wind whistling through the stone walls and the gulls circling the harbor as the lone passenger ferry comes and goes. 

Each story in the Seal Island Trilogy includes a different colored rose with a unique and magical power. In The Selkie Spell, American doctor Tara Moore is in hiding and cannot reveal her true identity, but she uses the mysterious, fast-growing red rose petals as an herbal remedy to heal ailing islanders. But the magical power of Tara's roses goes far beyond medicine when they begin to play a part in unraveling the mystery of a centuries-old Irish curse.

In The Selkie Enchantress, coming out this summer, the magical roses are white and hold secrets to unlocking a mysterious Irish fairy tale that has remained hidden for hundreds of years, overlooked even by seasoned professor of Irish folklore, Liam O'Sullivan. When the petals of a white rose grown in winter start to fall, the legend is set in motion. And only one woman holds the power to change the ending before the last petal falls.

Roses will always hold hidden meanings and secrets for those who believe in their magic. Every day now they grow stronger and taller, unfurling their delicate petals to the light and we get a fleeting glimpse of that powerful magic and those mysteries still untold. As we honor the beauty of nature on this Earth Day of 2012, I ask only this. What is your favorite color rose? What special meaning does it hold for you?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Selkie Drawing Down the Moon, Featuring Magical Artist Liza Lambertini

Selkie Drawing Down the Moon
by Liza Lambertini

There is a special time of year
when selkies gather
and sweet song you'll hear

Their skin is shed to reveal
an inner light
and magical appeal

Some would become so enchanted they say
that their skins would be
stolen and hidden away

But true love of a selkie
would never contain
her breathless beauty for ones bitter gain

True love can never be driven mad
it endures, it shines
and for her freedom be glad

For true love celebrates the beauty within
and would never steal
a selkie's skin

Let us sit with hearts that be pure
while the selkies draw down the moon
to be sure!

Let our hearts fill with wonder of someone so free
whose heart is wild
and is grace in the sea

Blessed be!

I met this wonderfully magical soul and incredibly talented artist on Twitter (@LizasArt). As soon as I stumbled across her beautiful fairy art,, I started pestering her for a selkie silhouette! When she sent me the link to Selkie Drawing Down the Moon on my birthday a couple weeks ago, I was unbelievably touched that even though she created the silhouette before meeting me, the poem was inspired by her reading The Selkie Spell

Since we have her here, let's see if we can find out more about this gifted artist. :)

Sophie: Tell us a little about your art and how you became a magical artist?

Liza: Since birth, I have loved the faeries. I believe I was born an artist and simply needed to develop the ability. I believe we are all born to do something special. Soon as I became proficient with holding my bottle I began wielding a crayon! From there, out popped a faery. :D As I have matured, I have begun to take my little muse more seriously about her passion for art, her joy of inspiration and here we are. ;) As for the magical part, I believe anything created out of love and with positive intention is truly magical.

Sophie: What's the most magical thing that's ever happened to you?

Liza: At a very young age, maybe 7 or 8, I was in my backyard during the summer. Suddenly these clouds came roaring in and it started pouring buckets. Filled with joy I splashed and played in the pouring rain. It stopped suddenly and shortly after I noticed a giant mass of white sulfur butterflies. I quietly walked over to them. They surrounded me, tickling my face and arms, dancing across my forehead. They did not fly away and some even landed on me. The sun shone on me then and when I looked up a gorgeous double rainbow was over my head up in the sky. I felt something sacred at that moment pouring into me and magical things like that have been happening in my life ever since. Blessed be.

Sophie: When is the best time of day to search for fairies?

Liza: My faeries are giggling right now. I suppose that is as good a time as any! Hehe. Thistle just said “By dusk or dawn, late eve or early morn. By light of moon or sunrise’s sweet tune” (in other words the birds first song in the morning). My answer is, “anytime of day your heart is open and if that is all day, then you need not search because they will come to you.” Love is light.

To see more of Liza's fabulous fairy art, visit