Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Writing Festival

Last week I signed up for my first writing festival ever. I saw this festival advertized on Twitter and thought it sounded like fun. It's managed by the Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood, a group of romance writers who came together after being chosen as RWA's 2009 Golden Heart Finalists to blog and share their collective journeys to publication.

Writing can be pretty lonely at times, and finding a community of over 200 writers who are all working toward the same goal is incredible. The festival is unique in that participants earn points by meeting personal goals instead of signing onto a huge collective goal like writing a book in a month. I think this festival is more appealing because meeting a personal goal is more manageable and you feel a sense of satisfaction as you make real progress each day.  

But the most ingenious part of this festival is the "writing sprints." Three to four times a day, a moderator opens up the "sprint chat room" where a dozen or so writers come together to spend the next two hours doing intensive twenty-minute intervals of sprint-writing. You get to chat in between each sprint and support each other and help each other out if you get stuck on a plot point, or POV, or character development, or even research. It's incredibly motivating. I cannot believe how much I've accomplished in just the first ten days of this festival. And most of all it's FUN because you get to make friends while you're doing it!


  1. I hope you blog about your participation throughout your participation in the Winter Writing Festival. I would love to hear how it goes from your personal perspective (pros, cons, literary breakthroughs, etc)!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Nicole! I love comments. :) The Writing Festival has been incredible motivating and I've gotten a ton of writing done this week. Almost finished the outline of The Selkie Enchantress (Caitlin and Liam's story) and can't wait to start writing it!